2nd Annual Tourney Logic Match Play Pool Contest - Your Chance To Win!

posted on 02/14/06 at 04:06:47 pm by Joel Ross

Tourney Logic is pleased to announce the launch of the 2nd Annual Tourney Logic Match Play Pool Contest. As if that wasn't exciting enough, if you win you'll get a $25 Best Buy gift card!

The Accenture Match Play tournament starts February 22nd. Tee offs usually start around 7:30 AM, so we'll stop taking entries on early that?morning. Feel free to enter as many times as you want!

Last year was a slight let down - there were so many upsets that no one even had a chance by the time we got to the final four - it was over already! Hopefully this year will be a little more competitive.

Now, remember, this is a beta test for us. We will do our best to keep the site up and running, but if we see bugs, we will be fixing them. Depending on the severity of the bug, we'll be releasing fixes. If it's not a severe error, we'll wait until later at night. But, if it is major, we may have to push it out right away - and if you have data loss because of that, I'm sorry ahead of time!

Now, there is a chance that someone will pull out - they have until the 20th at 5:00 PM - but it's not expected to happen. In the even that it does, we'll just draw a winner from all of the entries. Otherwise, it's whoever knows their golf the best (or, most likely, gets the luckiest!).

By the way, here's a link to last year's pool.

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