07-08 Week 2 NFL Picks

posted on 09/12/07 at 11:48:38 pm by Joel Ross

I'm back with my week two picks. The spreads are large this week. Half of the games have a spread of a touchdown or more, and three are double digits. Large spreads are accompanied by large money lines. This is when you start to wonder if it makes sense to pick a few underdogs in the hopes that one hits. For example, the KC vs. Chicago game has a money line of 600/-800. Remember, this means that if you pick the favorite, you have to bet $8.00 to win $1.00, but if you pick the underdog (and they win), you'd be winning $6.00 for your $1.00 bet. While the "sure bet" is to pick the Bears, the payoff of picking the Chiefs is big enough, it might be worth the risk.

Another thing to note. I used to adhere to a "rule of betting" I came up with - if the spread was more than 10 points, take the underdog. A few years ago, that rule held - if you were a dog by 10 points or more, you usually ended up covering. Last season, however, that rule didn't hold, and I gave up on it. Still, when you see a large spread like that, I'm more inclined to take the underdog. This isn't college football, where you can schedule cupcakes to pad your record (right, U of M?). This is the NFL, where parity rules. Yeah, you have the Texans, who make you think of parody more than parity, but even they were favorites last week (and covered!).

Anyway, on to my picks.

  • Atlanta vs. Jacksonville* (-10) (34 O/U):
  • Buffalo vs. Pittsburgh (-9.5) (37.5 O/U):
  • New Orleans (-3) vs. Tampa Bay (42 O/U):
  • Green Bay vs. New York Giants (0) (37.5 O/U):
  • Houston vs. Carolina (-6.5) (38 O/U):
  • San Francisco vs. St. Louis (-3) (44.5 O/U):
  • Indianapolis (-7) vs. Tennessee (46.5 O/U):
  • Cincinnati (-7) vs. Cleveland (42 O/U):
  • Seattle (-3) vs. Arizona (44 O/U):
  • Dallas (-3.5) vs. Miami (40 O/U):
  • Minnesota vs. Detroit (-3) (42 O/U):
  • Oakland vs. Denver (-9.5) (39 O/U):
  • Kansas City* vs. Chicago (-11.5) (34.5 O/U):
  • New York Jets* vs. Baltimore (-10) (33 O/U):
  • San Diego vs. New England (-3.5) (47 O/U):
  • Washington vs. Philadelphia (-7) (40 O/U):

My four "solid lock picks" this week would be Jacksonville (-600), Pittsburgh (-500), Carolina (-280) and Denver (-500). The numbers in parenthesis are the number lines I'd be getting.

I'll be back next week to review the results.

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