07-08 NFL Wild Card Weekend Picks

posted on 01/02/08 at 09:00:47 pm by Joel Ross

The playoffs are hear, and I'm excited! While there aren't many games left, they definitely should be good ones!

  • Jacksonville (-2) vs. Pittsburgh (39 O/U): Pittsburgh is the underdog, despite playing at home against a team that isn't used to playing in the cold. Of course, Jacksonville beat Pittsburgh in Pittsburgh a couple of weeks ago, so they've shown they can do it, and Pittsburgh is without Willy Parker, their leading rusher, so it's not a complete shocker that Jacksonville is the favorite. Having said that, the weather in all likelihood won't be an issue - it's supposed to be in the lower 40s and cloudy - no snow. Still, I think Big Ben will lead them to a victory. By the way, this is only the second wild card game in 5 years where the home team is the underdog - the other one
  • Tennessee vs. San Diego (-9) (40.5 O/U): Tennessee players played hard to get their trip to San Diego. Not a bad reward - it's probably pretty nice in SoCal right now! But that's where their trip ends. Barely beating Jim Sorgi isn't quite going to cut it. They need to stop the three time rushing champ now.
  • Washington vs. Seattle (-3) (40 O/U): Washington is running on emotions right now, and that's a very good motivator (the Red Wings rode Konstantinov's injury-as-motivation to the Cup in '98), but they're heading way, way far away and playing a team which is good at home and rested. Not a great combination.
  • New York Giants vs. Tampa Bay (-3) (39.5 O/U): I know Tampa Bay had a good year, but I'm still not sold on them. I'm not exactly sold on the Giants either, but they took New England to the wire. If they play like that again (especially the first half), they'll leave the Buccaneers in their dust. Old joke - Where you do you put your Buccaneers? Under your buckin' hat.

I'm only going to do one "Lock Solid" pick for the playoffs - I'm not guaranteeing every game! So this week, I'll take San Diego (-450) over Tennessee (big stretch, I know!).

Check back next week to see how I did.

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