07-08 NFL Divisional Playoff Pick Results

posted on 01/16/08 at 10:37:44 pm by Joel Ross

I only got to watch the second half of the Green Bay game, the very end of New England's game, and the second half of the Giants game. Not quite like the weekend before where I saw every minute of every game, but it was a decent amount of football. It's kind of disappointing to know that there are less games left in the season than were played this past weekend, though.

I made one "Lock Solid" pick - Indy over San Diego, and we know how that turned out.

Once again, the (supposedly better and rested) home team was 2-2. Apparently betting on these games isn't quite the sure thing that it was once considered to be.

  • Jacksonville* 20, New England 31 (-11.5) (48.5 O/U) [P: $1.52, S: $10.00, O/U: ($10.00), T: $1.52]: New England is just too good right now. They've been able to adjust to everything teams have thrown at them and come out on top. Now that Indy is gone and San Diego is banged up, they should be able to cruise into the Super Bowl. Wouldn't it be ironic if New England was tripped up by a Manning - just not the one everyone thought it would be?
  • San Diego* 28, Indianapolis 24 (-10) (47 O/U) [P: ($10.00), S: $10.00, O/U: $9.09, T: $9.09]: How on earth does a team like Indy lose to San Diego while the number one running back in the league, their opponent's best receiver and starting quarterback are on the bench? Billy Volek is the reason Peyton is watching his brother at home? Wow.
  • New York Giants 21, Dallas 17 (-7.5) (47 O/U) [P: ($10.00), S: ($10.00), O/U: $9.09, T: ($10.91)]: I think there has to be a Manning in the Conference Championship, and since Peyton got knocked out, Eli had to win, right? And who expected to see the emotion coming from T.O. about Romo? Jeff Garcia and Donovan McNabb had no comment.
  • Seattle* 20, Green Bay 42 (-8) (40.5 O/U) [P: $2.63, S: ($10.00), O/U: $9.09, T: $1.72]: I was shocked when I turned this one on - not by the score, but by the snow. Then to see that there was no snow at the beginning of the game! By the time I turned it on, Green Bay was just about to take the lead, so I didn't even know they were down early on two Grant fumbles! So who wants to bet against Favre and the Packers at Lambeau Field this weekend?

Results Summary

  • Picks (this week): 2 - 2 (50.00%) - Winnings: ($15.85)
  • Picks (season): 171 - 93 (64.77%) - Winnings: ($143.11)
  • Spread (this week): 2 - 2 (50.00%) - Winnings: $0.00
  • Spread (season): 130 - 120 (52.00%) - Winnings: $100.00
  • Over/Under (this week): 3 - 1 (75.00%) - Winnings: $17.27
  • Over/Under (season): 125 - 132 (48.64%) - Winnings: ($183.64)
  • Total Weekly Winnings: $1.42
  • Total Overall Winnings: ($226.74)

Check back for my conference final picks later this week.

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