Why Do You Encapsulate Fields?

posted on 10/03/07 at 10:28:33 pm by Joel Ross

I was having a conversation with a colleague today about some of the new features in Orcas, and he asked an interesting question. "Why is it a good practice to encapsulate fields?" I was a little taken off guard - I know I should do it, but I'm… more »

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Why We Built The NuSoft Framework

posted on 10/03/07 at 09:28:54 pm by Joel Ross

Now that we've put the NuSoft Framework out there, I figured it would be a good time to talk a little bit about why we use it internally at NuSoft, and we felt it was valuable enough to release to everyone. Before the NuSoft Framework, just about every… more »

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Using .NET Custom Attributes for release documentation

posted on 09/26/07 at 07:24:01 pm by Joel Ross

One of the things that I've struggled with as a developer is keeping documentation in synch with the code I'm writing. To alleviate that, I'm always looking at ways I can represent documentation in my code. For example, at NuSoft, we have a basic set of… more »

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Presenting The NuSoft Framework!

posted on 09/19/07 at 09:21:18 pm by Joel Ross

NuSoft Solutions, my place of employment, has decided to release the NuSoft Framework, a business object framework we use on a lot of our custom development projects, as an open source project on CodePlex. I'm very excited about this. I was part of the… more »

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Exception Best Practices - Say No To ApplicationException?

posted on 09/19/07 at 09:18:08 pm by Joel Ross

I listen to DotNetRocks regularly, and I was surprised on a recent episode when Carl did his "Better Know A Framework" segment about the ApplicationException class. He stated it was no longer a good practice to use it as a base for all of your… more »

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DotNetRocks #272 - Scott Cate on the MVP Pattern

posted on 09/14/07 at 10:27:40 pm by Joel Ross

I'm finally feeling like I'm starting to get caught up on podcasts after going about three weeks without listening to any. I haven't caught up on certain shows, but DotNetRocks is one of those that I prioritized to get caught up on. As of today, I'm all… more »

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Making Debugging Easier

posted on 09/09/07 at 10:29:09 pm by Joel Ross

Robert Prouse at Alteridem Consulting has a great post about how you can make debugging easier with attributes, which I've used extensively with a few nice to have modifications to a framework I maintain. It definitely makes debugging an object simple… more »

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Interfaces vs. Abstract Base Classes Revisited

posted on 09/09/07 at 09:27:08 pm by Joel Ross

I thought this issue had been beaten to death in the past year, but I figured I'd check out Kirill Osenkov's take on interfaces vs. abstract base classes, and, as is the norm, I took something away from it that I wasn't expecting to. I'd pretty much thou… more »

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Lazy Loaded Properties And Visual Studio's Debugger

posted on 09/06/07 at 10:54:33 pm by Joel Ross

I'm working on some framework code tonight, and I'm struggling with one issue that I can't seem to find any information about. We lazy load a lot of properties for speed reasons, which works out great for us. The problem comes when you need to debug them… more »

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Getting Enums From Ints

posted on 04/19/07 at 12:04:01 pm by Joel Ross

On just about every project I've worked on, we end up having?an object that has a property that comes from a list of known values that don't change. Because of this, we end up with the data in two places stored in two different ways. First, it's in the d… more »

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