My Newest Gadget - A Microsoft Zune

posted on 11/05/07 at 11:14:39 pm by Joel Ross

I ended up getting a Zune last week. They're pretty cheap right now since V2 is coming out soon. You can get it for under $100 if you look hard enough. I've never had an iPod, so I can't really compare the two, but I've been pleasantly surprised by ho… more »

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I Can Finally See How Valuable BlogRush Is!

posted on 10/31/07 at 08:30:34 pm by Joel Ross

So after signing up for BlogRush over a month ago, they rolled out a new dashboard and reports. I can finally get some insight into what I've gotten out of it. I can finally see some reports, and I have an idea of exactly how many visitors I've received… more »

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Side Project Spotlight: CodeKeep

posted on 10/30/07 at 09:37:11 pm by Joel Ross

James Avery has an interesting idea: interview people about their side projects and their motivations and goals for working on it. His first one is with Dave Donaldson about CodeKeep, a cool Visual Studio add-in that allows you to share code snippets. Th… more »

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How I Consolidated My Many Email Addresses

posted on 10/30/07 at 08:39:07 pm by Joel Ross

The Problem With the recent announcement that Gmail would support IMAP, I've started to rethink how I handle email. It's not that I had a major issue with the way I was reading my email, but at certain times, it was a pain. Remote Email: Any time I… more »

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Gmail & IMAP - Friends At Last

posted on 10/23/07 at 11:45:19 pm by Joel Ross

I've been watching Twitter tonight while my son slept on my chest, and DownloadSquad tweeted a bit ago about Gmail getting IMAP support. I was pretty excited. I logged into my Gmail account, and...nothing. Oh well. So it's one of those features that's be… more »

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FeedDemon 2.6 Beta 1 Released

posted on 10/23/07 at 08:54:56 pm by Joel Ross

Nick Bradbury has pushed out a new beta of the awesome FeedDemon product. Normally, I don't mess with a whole lot of beta software for things I consider critical (and reading feeds is now one of those things), especially not the first beta! But FeedDemon… more »

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OutTwit Gets It (And Gets Updated)

posted on 10/23/07 at 04:34:17 pm by Joel Ross

Certain companies understand how to gain a fan base. OutTwit is one of those companies. I've been using OutTwit for a few weeks now and when I started using it, I thought using rules would be a good way to sort tweets - I wanted to sort news tweets from… more »

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Microsoft Licenses Get OSI Approved

posted on 10/18/07 at 07:45:19 pm by Joel Ross

Shawn Burke announced the news that last Friday, Microsoft had two licenses they have been using for their open source initiatives approved by the Open Source Initiative (OSI). There were two licenses approved: Microsoft Permissive License (MS-PL)… more »

Categories: Development, Software, RCM Technologies


Port Forwarding in Windows 2003

posted on 10/17/07 at 08:16:24 am by Joel Ross

A while back, I set up Team Foundation Server for Tourney Logic's source control. It was anything but straightforward, so I figured I would share some of my headaches and how I got around them. First, a note about my ISP. TL1 (Tourney Logic's developme… more »

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XBox 360 And Windows Media Center On A Domain

posted on 10/11/07 at 10:40:38 pm by Joel Ross

I have Vista machine with Windows Media Center, and have had issues with connecting it to my 360 as an extender. I wondered what the issue was for a while, and could never really find any definitive answer. I never had an error in my event log on the win… more »

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