Getting Rid Of Config Files with Fluent NHibernate

posted on 09/03/08 at 07:00:00 pm by Joel Ross

When I first looked at NHibernate, the biggest issue I had with it was the configuration files - they looked long, confusing and error-prone. Well, as evidenced by a previous post, I got over that, and did it anyway. But just because I figured it out d… more »

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Playing With NHibernate

posted on 08/27/08 at 11:52:42 pm by Joel Ross

Over the past week or so, I've been dabbling with NHibernate. As may be apparent from reading my latest posts over the past few weeks, I've been digging into automated testing more and more, and as I've looked at how I can make the Kinetic Framework more… more »

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Simple Online CMS

posted on 08/13/08 at 08:00:00 pm by Joel Ross

Ever since I started this site, I've been trying to figure out a way to simply manage a few items and pages - such as my about page. I know I could have done a blog post that included my about information, and then just linked to that, but it seemed like… more »

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The Saga of the Dell D820 and 4 Gigs of RAM

posted on 06/30/08 at 09:35:29 pm by Joel Ross

Two summers ago, I got a new laptop - the Dell Latitude D820, a nice dual core machine that works great for what I do - software development. The only issue I had with it was RAM. It came with 2 GB, but that wasn't enough for me. I do all of my developme… more »

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NuSoft Framework Now Included with CodeSmith 5.0

posted on 06/29/08 at 08:00:00 pm by Joel Ross

CodeSmith announced recently that version 5.0 is in beta, and one of the features listed is that it now includes the NuSoft Framework right in the download! That's pretty exciting, as we never expected that when we first started writing our templates.… more »

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War Room and Their Proper Place

posted on 06/26/08 at 08:00:00 pm by Joel Ross

The other day, Matt Blodgett made a few comments about War Rooms, wondering whether they were actually helpful, or if they did more harm than good. In the interest of full disclosure, I should mention that I work with Matt at RCM, so I have some backgrou… more »

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Ninject Hits 1.0

posted on 06/16/08 at 09:47:32 pm by Joel Ross

My favorite DI framework, Ninject, has just hit 1.0. Nate Kohari, the author of Ninject, has been working hard on it, and today, announced that it's gone gold. Congrats, Nate! A few months back, I wrote a post about how dependency injection helped me… more »

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Essential Development Practices

posted on 06/09/08 at 09:27:09 pm by Joel Ross

Over the past month, I have been helping a client establish a solid and reliable environment for team development. To be honest, I'd heard stories about poor development environments, but it was just theory and for all I knew, it could have been "Straw m… more »

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Locking Down Web Servers

posted on 06/05/08 at 08:00:00 pm by Joel Ross

At about 2:00 PM on the Friday before Memorial Day Weekend, I talked to a client who was frantic over an issue where a part of their system appeared to be compromised. I spent the better part of the afternoon and evening with him trying to figure out wha… more »

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SlickEdit Tools

posted on 06/03/08 at 10:58:49 pm by Joel Ross

One of our new advertisers starting this month with The Lounge is SlickEdit, and as part of that, they offered us a chance to try out their SlickEdit Tools products. I love tools that'll help me be more productive, so I jumped at the chance. SlickEdit To… more »

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