Essential Versus Accidental Tasks

posted on 10/13/09 at 08:00:00 pm by Joel Ross

I finished reading Mythical Man Month a while ago. [Actually, it was a LONG while ago, but this post has been in my draft list for well over a year!] Overall, I thought it was a good book, but not as good as I expected. I think part of it was the amount… more »

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Dynamically Loading Config Files

posted on 09/08/09 at 12:52:01 am by Joel Ross

In my last post, I talked about dynamically loading and unloading DLLs. It works well, but I quickly ran into an issue: configuration data. The main application, which is what houses the DLL that's loaded dynamically, has a lot of configuration data, and… more »

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Changing Code In A Running Application

posted on 09/03/09 at 11:53:32 pm by Joel Ross

As part of a new application I'm building, we wanted it to work together with an existing application already in place - in fact, we wanted it to share the bulk of the implementation for saving certain types of data. The main requirement we had was that… more »

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Unit Testing Has Changed How I Write Software

posted on 08/18/09 at 01:11:26 am by Joel Ross

A few months back, I remember having a conversation with someone about my views on test driven development and unit testing in general. I told him that, while I understood the benefits, I hadn't been able to see any of them. As a result, I didn't do a lo… more »

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Data Synchronization and the Compact Framework

posted on 04/27/09 at 12:13:58 am by Joel Ross

Over the past few weeks, I've had a chance to really dig into certain parts of the Compact Framework. We're taking on a major mobile development project, and one of the key parts will be how we move data from the website to the device and back. So far,… more »

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2nd Annual March Madness Pool Contest

posted on 03/16/09 at 08:55:40 pm by Joel Ross

Last year, I decided to actually step back and enjoy myself during the March Madness tournament and host my own pool. Well, I'm doing that again this year, and I'm inviting readers of my blog (that's you!) and my Twitter followers to join. And anyone els… more »

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Tourneytopia 2009

posted on 03/12/09 at 08:32:48 pm by Joel Ross

For Develomatic, the first quarter of the year is by far our busiest time. We usually add a few features to Tourneytopia that our users have asked for over the past year, as well as having more sales and support calls than any other time of the year. Wit… more »

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User Defined Functions and NHibernate

posted on 02/22/09 at 10:11:00 pm by Joel Ross

At TrackAbout, where I've been working for a few months now, our database has a lot of user defined functions in it. This past week, one of my tasks involved using one of these functions in conjunction with an NHibernate object. There's a couple of wa… more »

Categories: Develomatic, C#


Checking If the Browser Is Still Connected In ASP.NET

posted on 02/16/09 at 08:33:29 pm by Joel Ross

This past week, I had a bug assigned to me about a user canceling a long running process in their browser, but it kept running on the server. It was a process to generate PDF files, and the component we use is kind of memory intensive. As a result, havin… more »

Categories: ASP.NET, C#


Using the Kinetic Framework with a Non-Table-Based Entity

posted on 01/23/09 at 12:28:34 am by Joel Ross

While I no longer work at RCM Technologies, I still watch the discussion forums for the Kinetic Framework. Recently, a question popped up, and since it’s gone unanswered for a few days, I figured I’d chime in. Essentially, the person is wonde… more »

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