07-08 Week 6 NFL Pick Results

posted on 10/16/07 at 11:21:32 pm by Joel Ross

No numbers look good this week! I'm now down over $300 for the season - a horrible season thus far! Last week, I picked Baltimore, Cincy, Jacksonville, and Seattle as my "lock solid" picks, which turned out to be, well, not quite so lock sol… more »

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07-08 Week 6 NFL Picks

posted on 10/10/07 at 11:09:41 pm by Joel Ross

Hopefully my picks get better as the season goes on - in theory, it should get easier to pick the winners as teams start to reveal how good they are going to be, but there's a reason games are played on the field and not on paper, right? St. Louis* v… more »

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07-08 Week 5 NFL Pick Results

posted on 10/09/07 at 10:32:05 pm by Joel Ross

I had a pretty good week this week. I was 12-2 picking games, which is a tie for the best I've ever done in 14 game weeks - oddly, with week 5 last year. Maybe I'm starting to finally get a feel for what teams are going to be good this year? Or more like… more »

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07-08 Week 5 NFL Picks

posted on 10/03/07 at 09:24:30 pm by Joel Ross

Ok. I guess I better do this again. My picks have been pretty bad thus far, so there's no faith they'll get better. At least my fantasy team is 3-1 and sitting atop my division! This season has been really tough to pick. Teams are so hard to judge at t… more »

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07-08 Week 4 NFL Pick Results

posted on 10/03/07 at 09:15:55 pm by Joel Ross

The football season this year has been bizarre thus far. Remember way back in week 1? San Diego played Chicago, and it was touted as a possible Super Bowl match up. Now both are 1-3, and have a long road in front of them to get to the playoffs. Sticking… more »

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07-08 Week 4 NFL Picks

posted on 09/28/07 at 04:49:17 pm by Joel Ross

I've had a dismal season so far, so take these with a large grain of salt! St. Louis* vs. Dallas (-13) (46.5 O/U): Houston (-3) vs. Atlanta (39 O/U): Baltimore vs. Cleveland (-4) (40 O/U): Oakland vs. Miami (-4) (42 O/U): Chicago (-3)… more »

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07-08 NFL Picks Week 3 Results

posted on 09/26/07 at 07:23:26 pm by Joel Ross

I don't think I did horribly this week. I ended up down, but not nearly as bad as I thought I was going to. And finally, this season seems to be the season that my O/U picks come back to earth. Last season, I was up $96 by the end of week three. This yea… more »

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07-08 Week 3 NFL Picks

posted on 09/20/07 at 10:08:31 pm by Joel Ross

I made my picks on Tuesday night, but I'm just now finding time to finish it off. It's been a busy week! Anyway, these are probably just as bad as my first 2 weeks, but hey, who knows, right? Obviously I don't! Detroit vs. Philadelphia (-7) (44 O/U)… more »

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07-08 Week 2 NFL Pick Results

posted on 09/18/07 at 08:55:11 pm by Joel Ross

Have you heard that there's parity in the NFL? Yeah, me neither. Or at least that's how it appears when you look at my picks! I thought last week was bad - this week makes last week look good! It is a strange situation in the NFL right now. New Orleans… more »

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NFL Betting: Moving Lines

posted on 09/14/07 at 10:28:45 pm by Joel Ross

I've never actually tracked how much lines for NFL games move throughout the week. I usually pick a point in time, usually Tuesday or Wednesday, and make my picks. The only time I look at other times is when a game is "off the board" - the spor… more »

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