Bracket Filling Logic

posted on 03/05/06 at 12:36:25 am by Joel Ross

Now that the Tourney Bracket Control is in the wild,?lets talk about how a bracket should be laid out. This is one of the things we changed in the Tourney Bracket Control (TBC) 2.0 - we've extracted away the complexities of how brackets should be created… more »

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NCAA Tournament Pools Are Legal In Vermont

posted on 03/03/06 at 01:40:19 am by Joel Ross

One of the things we struggled with when we first started the Tourney Pool Manager was the gambling aspect. We include a money mode, but with a disclaimer saying that if you use that for gambling, you accept all risk. Why do we even include that? Well,… more »

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posted on 03/03/06 at 12:34:49 am by Joel Ross

Since we announced the launch of, we've still been very busy tidying things up. We've done builds just about every night since then, and sometimes first thing in the morning if we found a critical issue. Well, I'm hoping that will slow d… more »

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Congrats to pwarner!

posted on 03/02/06 at 10:44:44 pm by Joel Ross

Congratulations to pwarner for winning the Second Annual Tourney Logic Match Play Pool Contest. He (yes, I know for sure that pwarner is a male) gained the most points throughout the tournament. We'll be sending out his $25 Best Buy gift certificate soon… more »

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posted on 02/24/06 at 01:04:56 am by Joel Ross

A few nights ago, we launched If you watched closely last week, you might have noticed that the Tourney Logic Match Play Contest was hosted on Tourneytopia. Well, that was a pre-release, and the main site still just redirected to Tourne… more »

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2nd Annual Tourney Logic Match Play Pool Contest - Your Chance To Win!

posted on 02/14/06 at 04:06:47 pm by Joel Ross

Tourney Logic is pleased to announce the launch of the 2nd Annual Tourney Logic Match Play Pool Contest. As if that wasn't exciting enough, if you win you'll get a $25 Best Buy gift card! The Accenture Match Play tournament starts February 22nd. Tee offs… more »

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Tourney Pool Manager 2006 - A Quick Update

posted on 02/11/06 at 09:05:45 pm by Joel Ross

Now that the Tourney Bracket Control is out the door, I've shifted my focus to the Tourney Pool Manager. We have a pretty good idea of exactly what we want to do, but there are a few things still up in the air. Anyway,?we do have a few obvious things we… more »

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Using RSS To Display Standings?

posted on 01/27/06 at 09:34:43 pm by Joel Ross

Ok. I have a problem, and I'm looking for some help. We're going to be adding RSS feeds to the Tourney Pool Manager to show the current standings. That's great, but how should we do it? It's not the same as an RSS feed for a blog. Once the NCAA tourname… more »

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Tourney Bracket Control 2.0 And XHTML

posted on 01/21/06 at 11:55:38 pm by Joel Ross

I'm in the process of upgrading the Tourney Pool Manager to .NET 2.0, and ran into an interesting issue with the Tourney Bracket Control. We struggled to figure out what was going on - it was not displaying correctly. The farther you got down in the NCAA… more »

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Tourney Bracket Control 2.0 Released

posted on 01/13/06 at 08:22:36 pm by Joel Ross

I remember sitting on a flight from Detroit to Orlando next to Brian back in June. Well, I sort of remember it. I had been up all night at the hospital with our two month old, who had come down with something. She had a temperature, and with very young k… more »

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