Interesting Use for

posted on 01/24/08 at 10:35:45 pm by Joel Ross

One of the best parts of putting out a piece of software is seeing the different ways people use it - especially the unintended uses. That's part of the reason I have a search feed for most of the domains we launch. is one of those searche… more »

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2008 Tourneytopia Updates

posted on 01/03/08 at 09:00:07 pm by Joel Ross

We've just finished deploying Tourneytopia so we can be ready for the 2008 NCAA tournament, and with it come a few nice new features. Every year, we try to add at least one really, really cool feature that will get people excited. Last year, we had a n… more »

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Tourney Logic Is Now Part Of Develomatic, LLC

posted on 12/29/07 at 09:00:09 pm by Joel Ross

As most of my long-term readers know, I have been a partner in a side business for a while now - longer than I've been writing this blog, in fact. The company is called Tourney Logic, and we've primarily focused on bracket-based systems - our heart and s… more »

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Pay It Square In The News

posted on 12/18/07 at 09:00:04 pm by Joel Ross

Pay It Square, a site I helped my partner develop, was recently featured in the Grand Rapids Business Journal. The article itself, other than the first line, is protected, but you can see a picture of Brian and I at the NuSoft office, with the company… more »

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Creating Your First Bracket On

posted on 12/05/07 at 01:00:55 am by Joel Ross has been live for a little while now, and the feedback has been good, so I figured this would be a good time to highlight what you can do with it and explain some of the concepts behind the features. Maybe it'll even give you a little view… more »

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Announcing myPlayoffs

posted on 12/03/07 at 09:32:41 pm by Joel Ross

After spending years on our planning board, Brian put a bunch of effort in over the past few weeks to get an initial version of myPlayoffs off the ground, and launched it tonight. So what exactly is myPlayoffs? myPlayoffs will provide the world's be… more »

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Shortening Your URLs

posted on 11/20/07 at 01:05:46 pm by Joel Ross

No matter what you think of Dave Winer, he is definitely an innovator and is constantly coming up with great ideas. His latest is a gem as well. Every web app that produces long urls should provide a built-in url-shortening facility. The user interf… more »

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Pay It Square's New Look

posted on 11/12/07 at 09:09:30 pm by Joel Ross

Brian spent a lot of time this past week getting Pay It Square's new look and feel posted, and he announced that he launched it on Saturday. I really like the new concept - it's very pleasing visually, and the homepage rotating image is a great idea.… more »

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URL Rewriting And Links In Your ASPX Pages

posted on 10/30/07 at 10:17:40 pm by Joel Ross

Last night, I was adding a new feature to Tourneytopia to allow in-place editing of content. Once published, you'll be able to pop a modal dialog with a text editor in it, update the content, click update, and see it updated on the page immediately. B… more »

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PayItSquare's Latest Feature

posted on 06/13/07 at 12:03:24 am by Joel Ross

We've added a cool new feature to that makes it easier to play around with the payment features without having to sign up. We made it so that anyone can get to the Group Payment page to mess around with it. If you decide you want to actua… more »

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