07-08 Week 2 NFL Pick Results

posted on 09/18/07 at 08:55:11 pm by Joel Ross

Have you heard that there's parity in the NFL? Yeah, me neither. Or at least that's how it appears when you look at my picks! I thought last week was bad - this week makes last week look good! It is a strange situation in the NFL right now. New Orleans… more »

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NFL Betting: Moving Lines

posted on 09/14/07 at 10:28:45 pm by Joel Ross

I've never actually tracked how much lines for NFL games move throughout the week. I usually pick a point in time, usually Tuesday or Wednesday, and make my picks. The only time I look at other times is when a game is "off the board" - the spor… more »

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07-08 Week 2 NFL Picks

posted on 09/12/07 at 11:48:38 pm by Joel Ross

I'm back with my week two picks. The spreads are large this week. Half of the games have a spread of a touchdown or more, and three are double digits. Large spreads are accompanied by large money lines. This is when you start to wonder if it makes sense… more »

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07-08 Week 1 NFL Pick Results

posted on 09/11/07 at 09:01:58 pm by Joel Ross

As is custom, after the games have completed, I'll review how I did, including how much money I would have won or lost had I bet $10.00 per bet. Remember, I'm making three bets per game - straight up winner, spread winner and over/under, so that's a tota… more »

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It's Back: 07-08 Week 1 NFL Picks

posted on 09/05/07 at 04:26:35 pm by Joel Ross

For those readers who are new in the past year, every fall, this blog shifts focus, and takes on a decidedly sports feel.?Every week until the Super Bowl, I'll be posting my picks for the weekend's games, and then following up with the results early the… more »

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As A Michigan State Fan...

posted on 09/05/07 at 04:26:14 pm by Joel Ross

...this makes me laugh. more »

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RossCode Picks - NFL Week 14

posted on 12/10/06 at 10:24:15 am by Joel Ross

I almost forgot to get this out there - I made the Thursday pick, then forgot about the rest!Cleveland vs. Pittsburgh (-6.5) (37 O/U)Atlanta (-4) vs. Tampa Bay (37.5 O/U)Baltimore vs. Kansas City (-3) (36.5 O/U)Buffalo vs. New York Jets (-4) (37.5 O/U)In… more »

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RossCode Picks - NFL Week 11 & 12 Review

posted on 12/03/06 at 12:44:27 am by Joel Ross

?I obviously missed posting results last week, so I'll consolidate them into one post. You'll have to look for the summary numbers at the very bottom. I'm starting to actually get some nice winnings - a little over $200 so far! It's not much (less than 4… more »

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RossCode Picks - NFL Week 13

posted on 12/03/06 at 12:35:14 am by Joel Ross

?Once again, I'm late - and I obviously picked the Baltimore / Cincy game ahead of time, considering it's wrong. At least I got the rest done on time! Barely. Two nice match ups this week - kind of odd for week 13 really. But at least we have two! First… more »

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RossCode Picks - NFL Week 12

posted on 11/26/06 at 07:53:18 am by Joel Ross

They're very late, but you'll have to trust me that I made the Thursday picks before the game!Miami vs. Detroit (-3.5) (41 O/U)Tampa Bay vs. Dallas (-12.5) (39 O/U)Denver vs. Kansas City (-1.5) (38 O/U)Arizona vs. Minnesota (-6) (38.5 O/U)Carolina (-4.5)… more »

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