Cutting The Wires A Little Bit More

posted on 12/14/05 at 12:00:35 am by Joel Ross

Last week, I was able to get a new toy: a bluetooth headset. I ended up with the?Motorola H500. I've been extremely happy with it. After charging it (it's rechargeable, so I won't be burning through AAA batteries!), it paired without issue to my cell pho… more »

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Mike's Pastry

posted on 11/28/05 at 10:42:33 pm by Joel Ross

Back before I took a position at Sagestone (now NuSoft Solutions), I used to travel to Boston on a weekly basis. I stayed right downtown, and everything was within walking distance. We used to walk up to the North End for dinner on a regular basis. For t… more »

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Get Well, J.P. Stewart

posted on 11/28/05 at 10:24:07 pm by Joel Ross

I've been reading J.P.'s blog for a over a year now, but didn't really notice that he hasn't posted in a while - a side effect of having a large number of subscriptions! Anyway, he put up a post today. He's got a pretty good excuse for not posting!?For t… more »

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Where's the Global Warming When You Want It?

posted on 11/27/05 at 12:58:55 am by Joel Ross

I'm not sure I ever bought into the idea that Global Warming is caused by what we do - it's pretty arrogant to assume that something we're doing can affect a planet that's survived for millions of years. But that's not what I'm talking about here. I jus… more »

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Grand Rapids .NET User Group Presentation - November

posted on 11/08/05 at 11:41:23 pm by Joel Ross

Tim Huckaby did a fantastic job with his presentation tonight about smart clients and why you would (should?) pick them over a web application. He's also a great presenter - some presenters use Powerpoint as a crutch, where as Tim knows exactly where he'… more »

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Grand Rapids .NET User Group Meeting Tonight

posted on 11/08/05 at 03:30:31 pm by Joel Ross

While most of the focus today is on the other side of the state (on the Visual Studio 2005 launch event in Detroit), there's still a meeting in Grand Rapids tonight, and it looks like it'll be a dandy. Tim Huckaby is going to be doing a presentation on s… more »

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PDC05 Content Online

posted on 10/26/05 at 11:08:25 pm by Joel Ross

As promised, Microsoft has the PDCO5 content online for the next six months. It looks like it's time to start burning up some bandwidth!, where do I put the 27 GB of data?!?Technorati Tags: PDC05 more »

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Changing Feed Aggregators

posted on 10/26/05 at 11:03:06 pm by Joel Ross

Yup. I've been a long supporter of Newsgator Outlook Edition (NGOE), and have posted about it quite a bit in the past. I watched as two bloggers I highly respect switched to RSS Bandit and Feed Demon. I even tried out Feed Demon around that time when NGO… more »

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posted on 2005-10-09 at 22:27:55 by Joel Ross

Jason Salas posted a while back about another Memeorandum-like service called Blogniscient. I've been looking at it over the past few weeks, and it looks pretty good. Jason even got them to add RSS feeds. One thing that I see that they have that some of… more »

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Didn't Make It To PDC?

posted on 2005-10-04 at 10:20:48 by Joel Ross

Either did I. But I'm not sweating it too much - especially not now! Mike Swanson gives us details that he's putting together four DVDs full of PDC goodness, but that's not the best part. No, not only do they have 250 hours of content, but they're going… more »

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