When Linking, Use The Actual Link

posted on 03/06/06 at 11:56:41 pm by Joel Ross

Sounds obvious right? It did to me too, but I've realized over the past few days that you should make sure you are linking directly to a post, and not to the redirect URL. So what, exactly, am I talking about? Feedburner. I'm sure there are others, but F… more »

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Telling The Telcos To Shove It

posted on 03/06/06 at 09:40:35 pm by Joel Ross

So, the telcos are at it again. First, they said they wanted to charge companies like Google and Yahoo for the right to deliver content through their networks to people like you and me. Well, even a company like AT&T doesn't really want to get into a… more »

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Sahil Malik Coming to Grand Rapids

posted on 03/03/06 at 01:30:59 am by Joel Ross

Sahil Malik will be speaking at the April 11th GR .NET User Group meeting. I'm planning to attend at this point, and looking forward to meeting Sahil. He's not listed on the GR .NET website, but he's got it listed on his site, so I'm going to go with th… more »

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if You Only Attend One Conference Ever....

posted on 01/31/06 at 09:55:01 pm by Joel Ross

...make it Waterfall 2006. I've only been to one major conference (Tech Ed 2005), but I'd like to trade that for this one! There's two seminars I'm hoping will be publicly available: "User Interaction: It Was Hard To Build, It Should Be Hard To Use" and… more »

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NuSoft Has a Wikipedia Page

posted on 01/27/06 at 11:53:34 pm by Joel Ross

I like ego searches. I have a bunch set up for my name, which isn't all that effective, because, well, my name is Joel Ross. Technorati doesn't honor quotes, so I get a bunch of hits for '80s music lists - Billy Joel and Diana Ross. Not exactly what I'm… more »

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Newsvine Invites

posted on 01/26/06 at 10:11:23 pm by Joel Ross

I got an invite to try out Newsvine when it first launched, and I signed up - and really haven't had time to go back since. Well, today, I was listening to the latest Inside The Net podcast, and Amber interviewed Mike Davidson of Newsvine. They mentioned… more »

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Steve, Don't Eat It!

posted on 01/18/06 at 10:37:31 pm by Joel Ross

I saw this today, and, while slightly disgusted, I couldn't stop laughing. Here's some key words to pique your interest: Beggin' Strips, Potted Meat, Urkel-O's and breast milk. Go now. Or run. That may be smarter! Thanks, Eric, but you need to make that… more »

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I'm Delicious!

posted on 01/06/06 at 11:56:52 pm by Joel Ross

But I wouldn't recommend actually tasting me! Now, once you get your mind back out of the gutter, I'm talking about del.icio.us, and, even though I've used it for quite a while, just recently have I started to see the real value in it. I guess you have t… more »

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Yahoo Mail Allows An Extra Address

posted on 01/06/06 at 11:50:20 pm by Joel Ross

Yahoo! recently announced they are allowing you to add a new "dot address" as a second address to your existing Yahoo! Mail email account. So what's a "dot address" you ask? Well, up until now, Yahoo didn't allow you to use a "." when you select an addr… more »

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The Internet Provider Toll Road

posted on 01/06/06 at 11:17:23 pm by Joel Ross

I've kind of stayed out and observed the recent kerfuffle sorrounding the recent call for content providers (Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, etc.) to pay up to use internet provider's bandwidth to deliver their broadband content. The latest company to call for… more »

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