Recovering From A Hard Drive Crash...

posted on 04/14/06 at 09:12:16 pm by Joel Ross

...turned out not to be too bad. Yesterday afternoon, my laptop started locking up periodically for a few seconds, then coming?back to life.?I thought it might be because I had a few too many apps open. I routinely run at least one VPC, Outlook, FeedDemo… more »

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West Michigan .NET User Group Meeting - Tonight!

posted on 04/11/06 at 01:30:34 pm by Joel Ross

And I'll be there! It's at the Watermark Country Club at 6:00 PM. It should be a very good meeting, with Sahil Malik speaking about ADO.NET and John Cripe (of NuSoft) talking about SQL Server 2005. If you're there, say hi. I'll be wearing a black Nationa… more »

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posted on 04/02/06 at 11:00:42 pm by Joel Ross

Dave Donaldson has come up with a new twist on Test Driven Development?(slightly NSFW). more »

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April Fools!

posted on 04/01/06 at 12:33:13 am by Joel Ross

I wanted to come up with an April Fool's post this year, but I decided against it because the best I could come up with was this: 60% Of Windows Vista Code To Be Rewritten But apparently, that's already been done. Oh well. Maybe next year. more »

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My County Could Be Going Wireless

posted on 03/24/06 at 10:21:53 pm by Joel Ross

You know, the Midwest is just a technology hotbed! First Grand Haven (which is about 5 minutes from my house) launched one of the first city-wide wireless networks (and goes something like 5 miles out into the Big Lake). Now, it looks like the whole coun… more »

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OpenXML Developers and NuSoft

posted on 03/21/06 at 09:03:49 pm by Joel Ross

It's always interesting when you find information about your company before 1.) it's publicly announced, and 2.) your own company talks about it. I didn't think much of it over the weekend when one of my "Ego Feeds" found a hit for NuSoft at a site calle… more »

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Dew Case Mod

posted on 03/19/06 at 08:55:41 pm by Joel Ross

I never really got into case mods, but if I did, this would be right up my alley...Technorati Tags: Mountain+Dew more »

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Spamming 101: Token Replacement

posted on 03/10/06 at 09:37:23 pm by Joel Ross

No, I'm not starting a series on how to spam. I know we all hate spam, but I at least thought the spammers were pretty clever with some of the tactics they take. Well, not all of them are, as demonstrated by an email I got earlier this afternoon. Here's… more »

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Linking Directly - The Proof is in the Pudding

posted on 03/07/06 at 05:25:48 pm by Joel Ross

Yesterday, I posted about why you should ensure that you are linking directly to someone's post, and not to their feed's link - specifically for people who are using Feedburner for their feeds. Feedburner links you to Feedburner's site and then redirects… more »

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The Internet Clipboard

posted on 03/07/06 at 05:24:24 pm by Joel Ross

Today, Ray Ozzie gave a speech where he revealed his latest idea: the clipboard of the web. He revisited computer history, discovering that the clipboard built into Windows was the first step toward software integration. He goes on to say that since the… more »

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