Images And Url Rewriting

posted on 2004-11-12 at 00:58:05 by Joel Ross

I read this post over a month ago, and knew it would come in handy sooner or later. Today it did. Before, all of our rewriting was from one folder deep to one folder deep. But today, we added a rewrite from two folders deep to one folder deep, and o… more »

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Visual Studio Web Projects, Without The Web Project

posted on 2004-11-11 at 00:37:24 by Joel Ross

Ever had problems with an ASP.NET web project and the source control integration? I have. Pretty much every time I've put a web project into source control. If it isn't the MyWeb_1 problems, it's a reference to third party components. Obviously, others h… more »

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Looking For .NET Bug Tracking Software?

posted on 2004-11-06 at 23:16:07 by Joel Ross

We may be soon. What we've been using is...flaky, at best. So it's timely that Ryan Rinaldi posted a review of Axosoft's OnTime 2004 software. I downloaded it, checked it out, and then stuck with what we're currently using, mainly because the pricin… more »

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Database Cache Invalidation In .NET 1.1

posted on 2004-11-06 at 15:21:11 by Joel Ross

Rob Howard wrote a great article about Database Cache Invalidation. Implementing a cache invalidation strategy was a task for next week, and now we have a much better solution than we were going to have. He even gives us arguments about why the approach… more »

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Edit & Continue In ASP.NET?

posted on 2004-10-26 at 23:40:26 by Joel Ross

Nope. That's the answer I finally found to the question I asked when I first heard about it being included in C#. more »

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Jason Clarke Is Stirring Things Up

posted on 2004-10-26 at 01:06:09 by Joel Ross

Jason Clarke's post about Scoble's link blog is getting some good feedback, and I think he's doing a great job of refuting the comments.  I tend to agree with Jason on this one. Reading blogs wouldn't be nearly as useful to me if I couldn't get all of t… more »

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Scott Guthrie On Whidbey

posted on 2004-10-24 at 00:49:48 by Joel Ross

Scott Guthrie has a great post describing where Whidbey is currently at. The best part of the post though, is the description of the process they go through to fix bugs. I've never been on a project big enough to warrant the Tell & Ask phases, but th… more »

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Toggle Borders

posted on 2004-10-21 at 00:56:03 by Joel Ross

ThunderMain has released a tool to toggle borders on tables, divs and span tags that's pretty cool. As a web developer, seeing where layout problems are is difficult, and the solution usually is to add a border=1 to a table. With ToggleBorders, that proc… more »

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Something I Didn't Know About Parameterized Queries

posted on 2004-10-09 at 23:46:42 by Joel Ross

We had the client's team lead in from California this past week, which is why my posting was supposed to be light last week (which it didn't turn out to be, did it?), and I learned something from him. Well, a lot of things. He thinks he's the only one w… more »

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Database Cache Invalidation, In ASP.NET 1.x

posted on 2004-10-09 at 23:35:31 by Joel Ross

We've come up to a problem in my current project. We have two applicatons sharing a database. One will be a public facing website, and the other will be an internal administration website. They share a business layer, but not physically. The processing i… more »

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