PageMethods Upgraded to .NET 2.0

posted on 11/28/05 at 10:30:47 pm by Joel Ross

Fabrice was nice enough to drop by and leave me a comment that he'd upgraded PageMethods to work with .NET 2.0 and Visual Studio 2005. Not just that, but he also added a bunch of new features.

I need to look at this much closer! In the past,?I've used (what I think is) a great way to manage page navigation in the past using?a Process Controller, but this has a much more "OO-feel" to it.

I'm supposed to be putting together a sample using the Process Controller (I still haven't found the time), but I may put together two samples - one using the Process Controller, and one using PageMethods. Once again, I'll post my thoughts once I use it!

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Component Factory's Krypton Toolkit

posted on 11/28/05 at 10:30:12 pm by Joel Ross

Component Factory is definitely looking to build a viral market around their new Krypton Toolkit, which was recently released. They are offering a free copy of DotNetMagic to any blogger who posts about the release of their Krypton Toolkit (which, by posting this, I am eligible for - full disclosure!).

I haven't used either of these products, but I will be taking some time to look at the Krypton toolkit, which provides user interface controls for windows forms controls. It's a Visual Studio 2005 and .NET 2.0 product, is free for commercial use, and I think could be a good fit to try out when I upgrade my blogging tool to .NET 2.0, which I'll be doing as soon as the madness settles down a little bit (after the new year).

You can download it here. Once I get it and start using it, I'll let you know what I think of it. And once I get DotNetMagic, and start using that, I'll let you know what I think of that too!

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Get Well, J.P. Stewart

posted on 11/28/05 at 10:24:07 pm by Joel Ross

I've been reading J.P.'s blog for a over a year now, but didn't really notice that he hasn't posted in a while - a side effect of having a large number of subscriptions!

Anyway, he put up a post today. He's got a pretty good excuse for not posting!?For those who don't click through, J.P. was in a motorcylce accident and spent a couple of weeks in the hospital and had a couple of surgeries. Luckily, he is on his way to recovery.

J.P., I know we've never met, but you are in my thoughts and prayers.

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Did You Make The Cut?

posted on 11/27/05 at 01:06:56 am by Joel Ross

Well, it sounds like the Big Daddy of tech blogging is weeding out his feed list. What a way to spend a Thanksgiving vacation!

Anyway, he's removing any feed that isn't full text, hasn't been updated in a month, or just isn't interesting. I know at one time I was on his blogroll, but I'm not any longer. I don't know if I got cut this time around or if it happened earlier. It's been a while since I last knew I was on his list (back when he used Bloglines as his blogroll) anyway.

I can pretty well guess?why I got dropped though. Lately, all I've been posting are my NFL picks and RCWs. I'm betting he's not listening to the podcast, so I'm not providing any value for him (although, some find value in just the links).

Here's what I've realized though. It doesn't matter. For a couple of reasons.

First, I'm not blogging for fame, and frankly, Scoble's not my target audience. I'm blogging because it's what I want to do.?If some find value in that, then great!

Second, if I blog about something that would interest him (or any other A-lister that's not reading me - that would be all of them!), Technorati, Feedster, Memeorandum, or any number of other searches will deliver me to them anyway.

So, not only don't I care if they're reading, even if I did, they'll get what's interesting to them anyway.

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Where's the Global Warming When You Want It?

posted on 11/27/05 at 12:58:55 am by Joel Ross

I'm not sure I ever bought into the idea that Global Warming is caused by what we do - it's pretty arrogant to assume that something we're doing can affect a planet that's survived for millions of years.

But that's not what I'm talking about here. I just got done shoveling 6 inches of snow out of my driveway (after doing 3 inches yesterday), and the temperature is well below freezing. While out there, I realized something. I still don't know if global warming is real or not, but I'm all for it!

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posted on 11/27/05 at 12:43:05 am by Joel Ross

If you haven't heard of Mozy, it's a free online backup system. I just recently started using it, and the service seems pretty good, although I haven't tried restoring yet! Anyway, you get 2 GBs of free space - well, not exactly free, but close enough. They reserve the right to email you advertisements from time to time (most likely 1-2 times per week), but I can handle that for a free online backup.

Combine this with Foldershare, my new favorite utility, and I can create one folder that gets backed up to Mozy's servers, and gets synched to all of my machines. Yeah, I think I'm pretty safe in the event of a crash...

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RossCode Picks - NFL Week XII

posted on 11/23/05 at 09:58:27 am by Joel Ross

No comments - too much to do to get ready for the holidays!

  • Atlanta (-3) vs. Detroit (42 O/U)
  • Denver (-2.5) vs. Dallas (41.5 O/U)
  • Baltimore vs. Cincinnati (-9) (37 O/U)
  • Carolina (-4) vs. Buffalo (36.5 O/U)
  • Chicago vs. Tampa Bay (-3) (33 O/U)
  • Cleveland vs. Minnesota (-4) (39.5 O/U)
  • New England vs. Kansas City (-3) (51 O/U)
  • San Diego (-3) vs. Washington (43 O/U)
  • San Francisco* vs. Tennessee (-7) (42.5 O/U)
  • St. Louis (-3.5) vs. Houston (45 O/U)
  • Jacksonville (-3.5) vs. Arizona (41 O/U)
  • Miami* vs. Oakland (-7) (42 O/U)
  • Green Bay vs. Philadelphia (-3.5) (42 O/U)
  • New York Giants vs. Seattle (-4.5) (47.5 O/U)
  • New Orleans (-2) vs. New York Jets (37 O/U)
  • Pittsburgh vs. Indianapolis (-7) (47 O/U)

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RossCode Picks - Week XI Review

posted on 11/23/05 at 09:58:11 am by Joel Ross

What a horrible week. With the holidays coming, I'll keep it short and sweet.

  • Arizona 38, St. Louis 28 (-9.5) (49 O/U) [P: ($10.00), S: ($10.00), O/U: ($10.00), T: ($30.00)]: Kurt Warner can still play!
  • Carolina 3 (-2.5), Chicago 13 (34 O/U) [P: ($10.00), S: ($10.00), O/U: ($10.00), T: ($30.00)]: Chicago is the real deal, apparently.
  • Detroit* 7, Dallas 20 (-9) (39 O/U) [P: $2.91, S: ($10.00), O/U: ($10.00), T: ($17.09)]
  • Indianapolis 45 (-5.5), Cincinnati 37 (47 O/U) [P: $4.52, S: $10.00, O/U: $10.00, T: $24.52]: Let the talk of an undefeated season begin!
  • Jacksonville 31 (-4), Tennessee 28 (38.5 O/U) [P: $5.10, S: ($10.00), O/U: $9.71, T: $4.81]: Wow. Now that Tennessee is getting healthy, will they start to compete again?
  • Miami 0, Cleveland 22 (-1) (35.5 O/U) [P: ($10.00), S: ($10.00), O/U: ($10.00), T: ($30.00)]: Ouch!
  • New Orleans* 17, New England 24 (-9.5) (46 O/U) [P: $2.44, S: $10.00, O/U: $10.70, T: $23.14]: You didn't really think the Saints could pull it off, did you?
  • Oakland 16, Washington 13 (-6) (43 O/U) [P: ($10.00), S: ($10.00), O/U: $10.30, T: ($9.70)]: Wow.
  • Philadelphia* 17, New York Giants 27 (-7) (41 O/U) [P: $3.33, S: ($10.00), O/U: $9.26, T: $2.59]: How far can Philly fall? I don't think we've seen it yet.
  • Tampa Bay* 30, Atlanta 27 (-6) (39 O/U) [P: ($10.00), S: $10.00, O/U: $9.90, T: $9.90]: Both of these teams are up and comers.
  • Seattle 27 (-12.5), San Francisco 25 (42 O/U) [P: $1.34, S: ($10.00), O/U: $10.10, T: $1.44]: Wow. A failed two point conversion is all that seperates these two? Does this count as a win for the 49ers?
  • Buffalo 10, San Diego 48 (-10.5) (42 O/U) [P: $1.60, S: $10.00, O/U: $9.62, T: $21.22]: If it wasn't for Indy, this would be my pick. The Chargers are a dangerous team offensively. They are the Colts of two years ago.
  • New York Jets* 0, Denver 27 (-13) (40.5 O/U) [P: $1.28, S: ($10.00), O/U: ($10.00), T: ($18.72)]: The Jets have actually fallen farther than Philly.
  • Pittsburgh 13 (-3.5), Baltimore 16 (35 O/U) [P: ($10.00), S: ($10.00), O/U: $12.50, T: ($7.50)]: Who knew Hines Ward was a punter?
  • Kansas City 45 (-6.5), Houston 17 (44 O/U) [P: $3.62, S: $10.00, O/U: ($10.00), T: $3.62]: An expected blowout. The Texans are horrible!
  • Minnesota 20, Green Bay 17 (-4.5) (45 O/U) [P: ($10.00), S: ($10.00), O/U: $10.30, T: ($9.70)]: Great game!

Results Summary

  • Picks (this week): 9 - 7 (56.25%) - Winnings: ($43.85): Not a good week!
  • Picks (season): 97 - 63 (60.63%) - Winnings: ($127.47): I lost all of my recent gain.
  • Spread (this week): 5 - 11 (31.25%) - Winnings: ($60.00): What a horrible week. Last week was so good..what happened?
  • Spread (season): 71 - 86 (45.22%) - Winnings: ($150.00)
  • Over/Under (this week): 10 - 6 (62.50%) - Winnings: $42.38: I was good here. I don't get it.
  • Over/Under (season): 76 - 80 (48.72%) - Winnings: ($71.80)
  • Total Weekly Winnings: ($61.47)
  • Total Overall Winnings: ($349.27)

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RossCode Weekly #027

posted on 11/19/05 at 01:07:13 am by Joel Ross

RossCode Weekly #027 - Week of 11.20.2005

Intro - 0:00
Download this episode -?39:56 /?19.2 MB
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Previously on RCW - 1:55
Sony stops production of rootkit CDs?(#025)
Sony's uninstaller opens up a security hole
Microsoft settles Korean anti-trust suit?(#024)
Pandora gets $12,000,000 in funding?(#026)

News & Views - 3:58
Audible offering podcasting stat tracking
Google launches Analytics
Google renames Google Print to Google Book Search
Google supplies Mountain View with free WiFi
Gawker lands syndication deal with Yahoo
Yahoo launches Shoposhere
eBay adds RSS to stores
Amazon adds tagging
Firefox 1.5 was released...or not
RIM has an NTP patent workaround?that will keep Crackberries running
Microsoft to go 64-bit only with Vista Server
Microsoft releases Office 12 beta 1
Microsoft announces CableCard support for Christmas 2006
Cisco bought Scientific-Atlantic for $6,900,000,000

The Cold Wars - 16:46
AOL launches In2TV
TiVo offering CNet video?product review downloads
NBC Universal licenses some shows to P2P service
CNN launches CNN Pipeline in private beta
Cingular offers mobile radio service
Sony offering movies on cell phones
Sony latest into VoIP game
Sony may sell HD-DVDs
HP not happy with Blu-Ray about PC-based specs

The Grapevine - 26:05
Google to offer book rentals?
Google to buy Riya?
Yahoo planning podcast creation tools
Microsoft to make desktop apps free?
Is Friendster for sale?
Viacom considering buying C|NET
Motorola to revamp the ROKR to hold 1,000 songs
Apple to raise iTunes prices?
Intel Apples may be cheaper

Bonehead of the Week - 34:20
DISH, Texas
Printer sent for repair with counterfeit money in it
AOL auto-adds buddy's to your list
MPAA says that pirated DVDs are the "New drug on the street"

Contact / Feedback - 37:18
weekly @
(206) 424-4RCW (4729)

Sponsor - 39:36
RossCode Weekly is sponsored by Tourney Logic: Get In The Game

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Production Notes
Background music provided by Chronos (Introvert 4) and the Podsafe Music Network.
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RossCode Picks - Week XI

posted on 11/18/05 at 12:32:03 am by Joel Ross

It's late, so this'll be quick and light on comments, I'm sure.

  • Arizona vs. St. Louis (-9.5) (49 O/U): St. Louis may not be the best team in the league this year, but until Warner is pulled for good, Arizona won't be good at all.
  • Carolina (-2.5) vs. Chicago (34 O/U): Carolina is starting to come on strong, and the Bears are hurting at running back, despite getting Thomas Jones back.
  • Detroit* vs. Dallas (-9) (39 O/U): Detroit will keep it close, but ultimately come out on the wrong side of it. Harrington will underperform, as usual.
  • Indianapolis (-5.5) vs. Cincinnati (47 O/U): Indy has a tough schedule to finish the season, and this is one of those games. They should get the W though.
  • Jacksonville (-4) vs. Tennessee (38.5 O/U): Only four? Of course, everytime I say that, I'm wrong, so forget I said that.
  • Miami vs. Cleveland (-1) (35.5 O/U): Cleveland as a's been a while since I've seen that!
  • New Orleans* vs. New England (-9.5) (46 O/U): New England can use a game like this to help them get back on track, but it'll be closer than most would want.
  • Oakland vs. Washington (-6) (43 O/U): What does it say about T.O. when even Randy "I ran over a cop" Moss says he wouldn't want Owens on his team?
  • Philadelphia* vs. New York Giants (-7) (41 O/U): Will the Eli Manning of last week show up or will it be the one who lead 4th quarter comebacks? I'll take the latter.
  • Tampa Bay* vs. Atlanta (-6) (39 O/U): This should be a great game. Chris Simms seems to be getting comfortable with the offense, and Vick (I think) is trying to show T.O. that he can be a passing QB too.
  • Seattle (-12.5) vs. San Francisco (42 O/U): Can Alexander score multiple TDs again? I'm guessing he can. That 49er D is tough though!
  • Buffalo vs. San Diego (-10.5) (42 O/U): L.T. will get a workout, but it'll probably in the form of running, not getting knocked down. I'd expect at least 2 TDs from him.
  • New York Jets* vs. Denver (-13) (40.5 O/U): Six games have a spread of 9 or more points. This could be a weekend of blowouts if they're right. Look for a big dose of Anderson/Bell.
  • Pittsburgh (-3.5) vs. Baltimore (35 O/U): I guess not having Roethlisberger really affects the odds. Only 3.5 against the Ravens this year? Ouch!
  • Kansas City (-6.5) vs. Houston (44 O/U): If Larry Johnson plays like he did last week, he won't stay out of the end zone this week, which will spell trouble for Houston. Of course, that's nothing new for them!
  • Minnesota vs. Green Bay (-4.5) (45 O/U): What a great MNF game. Fairly evenly matched. And I hear there's snow in Green Bay. It probably will be a good game, but given that they are a combined 6-12, it doesn't exactly make for a compelling game. I'm guessing most people would rather see Indy and Cincy here, but we don't get that. We get two injury-riddled teams trying to salvage something out of disappointing seasons. Fun!

So there you have it. I'll be back next week to review how I did.

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