Yahoo Mail Allows An Extra Address

posted on 01/06/06 at 11:50:20 pm by Joel Ross

Yahoo! recently announced they are allowing you to add a new "dot address" as a second address to your existing Yahoo! Mail email account.

So what's a "dot address" you ask? Well, up until now, Yahoo didn't allow you to use a "." when you select an address. Now they do. So now, instead of my cryptic Bizzy10510 address, I have a shiny new joel.ross yahoo email address. Nice. But you better hurry - when this gets out there, everyone's going to do it!

Via Lifehacker.

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RFID and Golf Balls

posted on 01/06/06 at 11:19:30 pm by Joel Ross

I was watching golf the other day flipping through channels (with my?vast amount of free time I have!), and the thought occured to me: why hasn't someone put out a golf ball with an RFID tag in it that you can use to find lost balls?

RFID tags are cheap - the first use I heard for them was with Gillette putting them in boxes of razors - so they could easily be inserted into balls and the savings from finding more balls would (for golfers like me) be more than the cost of buying more expensive balls.

We already have golf carts with GPS on them to tell you how far you are from the hole, etc. Why not just use that for golf balls? That was my initial thought, but GPS devices are still too expensive - even if you know where your ball is, that doesn't mean you can get to it. If there's water near the hole I'm on, my ball is going in!

But, doing proper research before writing up my brillian idea revealed that yes, my idea is a good one, but also that I'm not the first. RadarGolf already exists. For a dozen balls, it'll cost you $40, and then a one time purchase of $350 for the locator (which also comes with a dozen balls).

The cost of the balls is decent, but I'd have to lose a?lot of balls on a regular basis to cover the $350. Now, if this were to get popular, then I could see golf courses justifying the cost to add them to golf carts. And that's probably the way it'll go - just put it next to the GPS locator!

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The Internet Provider Toll Road

posted on 01/06/06 at 11:17:23 pm by Joel Ross

I've kind of stayed out and observed the recent kerfuffle sorrounding the recent call for content providers (Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, etc.) to pay up to use internet provider's bandwidth to deliver their broadband content. The latest company to call for it is Verizon, but they weren't the first: Comcast and?Bell South have both made statements calling for the same earlier.

While I agree that the carriers deserve their slice of the pie - they laid the lines, after all - the argument put forth by Henry Blodget?seems a little off to me. He argues that if a company wants to ship something, they pay FedEx or DHL to make the delivery. But -?and this is a big point that everyone seems to be missing - I, as a consumer,?don't pay FedEx for the right to deliver to my house. I do pay my internet provider monthly to have the right to get content delivered to my house, though. So in essence, I'm paying the "shipping cost" up front to get whatever I want delivered.

If the major players start getting paid by the company and the consumer, isn't that a little like double dipping? And the end result will be this: the consumer will pay both their portion and the provider's portion: When you order something online (even with free shipping), who do you really think is paying for it? You are - either by paying directly for shipping, or indirectly by higher prices that will cover the shipping costs. So when Henry says companies pay for shipping, he's only partially right. The end result is that consumers pay for the shipping, and from what I can see, we already are paying the "shipping costs" of the 'Net by paying for internet access.

By the way, if you haven't read Henry Blodget's blog, don't let this post sway your opinion. For the most part, I think he's spot-on and always worth a read.?I don't know his whole history, but I know he's had some legal trouble with the SEC when he was a securities analyst (he predicted Amazon would hit $400 / share way back in '98), but he's back on the 'Net, blogging. Just don't ask him for stock advice...

For more information about the Carriers and the 'Net, you should also read this article by Doc Searls. It's long, but worth it.

UPDATE: The guys over at Download Squad agree with me, and bring up a good point: without companies like Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft, there wouldn't be much demand for Verizon's online services - so who needs who more?

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RossCode Picks - Regular Season Review

posted on 01/06/06 at 11:16:40 pm by Joel Ross

With the final week being played, we can now take a stroll down memory lane and see how I did with my preseason predictions. So, let's do that! Since this is a one shot deal, I'll base this on a $100 bet.

  • Arizona Cardinals - 7.5 (O -137 / U +125) -?5 Wins, +$125.00: I'm starting to think that maybe Dennis Green doesn't deserve the rep he's gotten - his choice of going back to Warner after McCown led the team pretty well. With another high draft pick, they should be better next year, but they look like they're modeling their team after the Lions. Not a good choice.
  • Atlanta Falcons - 9.5 (O +114 / U -125) -?8 Wins, +$80.00: A disappointing season for the Falcons. I thought they'd make the playoffs again and make it to the conference finals, but that didn't happen.
  • Baltimore Ravens - 9.5 (O -135 / U +123) -?6 Wins, -$100.00: The Ravens were awful at times this year (think about their penalties against the Lions), but Boller looks to be able to lead the team. They should be better next year.
  • Buffalo Bills - 8.5 (O + 138 / U -150) -?5 Wins, +$66.67: Who said they'd get nine wins knowing that Losman, a rookie, was going to start? Not me. And looking at the money line, quite a few people agreed.
  • Carolina Panthers - 9.5 (O +106 / U -116) -?11 Wins, +$106: The Panthers had a much better than expected year - Steve Smith healthy all year helped this situation a lot.
  • Chicago Bears?- 6.5 (O -108 / U -102) -?11 Wins, -$100.00: The Bears came away with the best defense in football - no one predicted that. If their offense was anything resembling what most teams call an offense, they could have been even better.
  • Cincinnati Bengals - 7.5 (O -197 / U +179) -?11 Wins, +50.76: The Bengals go out and not only do they hit double digit wins for the first time in a long time, they win the division too. Nice job.
  • Cleveland Browns - 4.5 (O -120 / U +110) -?6 Wins, -$100.00: The Browns had a dismal year - no chance at the playoffs, and not a great draft choice either. But, they were better than expected.
  • Dallas Cowboys - 8.5 (O -117 / U +107) -?9 Wins, -$100.00: They were better than expected, but not quite good enough to make the playoffs - they went into week 17 needing a lot help to get to the playoffs, and didn't get it.
  • Denver Broncos - 8.5 (O -132 / U +120) -?13 Wins, -$100.00: The Broncos had a great team this year - something I never saw coming. The tandem of Anderson and Bell was great for them, and their defense was solid. Their home field advantage is probably one of the biggest in the league, and they use that to their advantage - 8-0 at home this year!
  • Detroit Lions - 8.5 (O +135 / U -147) -?5 Wins, +$68.03: The Lions hit major turmoil this season - Harrington getting benched, Mariucci getting canned, etc., etc., etc. And things don't look much better for the offseason. Remeber the chants: FIRE MILLEN! FIRE MILLEN!
  • Green Bay Packers - 7.5 (O -107 / U -103) -?4 Wins, -$100.00: Wow. Favre proved all of his critics right this year. I was a supporter of his, but after this year, I think it's time to hang it up.
  • Houston Texans - 7.5 (O +128 / U -139) -?2 Wins, +$71.94: There were big expectations for Capers this season, and the only thing he accomplished was to get Reggie Bush. That's kind of a bitter sweet accomplishment, isn't it?
  • Indianapolis Colts - 11.5 (O -128 / U +128) -?14 Wins, +$78.13: The Colts absolutely dominated this season. They hit the over in week 12. Not too bad.
  • Jacksonville Jaguars - 8.5 (O -107 / U -103) -?12 Wins, -$100.00: I didn't think the Jags had it in them, but they did. Of course, they never really fought for the division title, but they are a playoff contender - with a better record than any other AFC team.
  • Kansas City Chiefs - 8.5 (O -177 / U +164) -?10 Wins, -$100.00: The Chiefs got 10 wins, but missed the playoffs. What happened to parity? I remember when it was possible that an 8-8 team was going to be in the playoffs.
  • Miami Dolfins - 5.5 (O -145 / U +133) -?9 Wins, -$100.00: Who saw this coming? Nick Saben reels off six straight wins to finish with nine wins. Wow. Give him a quarterback and this team could be dangerous.
  • Minnesota Vikings - 9.5 (O -121 / U +110) -?9 Wins, -$100.00: The Vikes had a rough season - sex cruises, horrible play, Tice firing rumors, you name it. Then, they lose their starting quarterback, and they go on a winning streak. Go figure.
  • New England Patriots - 10.5 (O -128 / U +117) -?10 Wins, -$100.00: After a pretty poor start, they got Bruschi back, and they started to play great. They are one of the scariest teams in the playoffs, despite having the worst record among division winners.
  • New Orlean Saints - 7.5 (O -135/ U +125) -?3 Wins, +$125.00: Everyone hoped the events this season wouldn't have a negative effect on the team, but that obviously didn't happen. And for most of us, it's tough to understand their complaints - too much travel, poor practice facilities, etc. They make millions, and it's tough to relate. But against other professionals with better conditions,?I'm sure it was a disadvantage.
  • New York Giants - 6.5 (O -160 / U +140) -?11 Wins, +$62.50: Apparently, just putting Manning on the back of your quarterback's jersey is enough to make a team a contender. It's been working?for the Colts for a few years, and now it's working for the Giants. I suppose some of it could be the man in the jersey too.
  • New York Jets - 9.5 (O +153 / U -165) -?4 Wins, +$60.61: Wow. What a year for the Jets. They get Pennington back, but it turns out it was too soon, and he's out possibly forever. Due to that (in my mind), the league's leading rusher last season just looked old this season.
  • Oakland Raiders - 7.5 (O -136 / U +125) -?4 Wins, +$125.00: The Raiders had a lot of expectations on them this season, after getting Randy Moss. Early on, the questions were whether or not Daunte Culpepper would suffer from the loss of Moss, but not much talk about the effects on Moss without Culpepper. Looking back on this season, I'd say they missed each other about the same - neither had a great year (unless you count Culpepper's cruise).
  • Philadelphia Eagles - 11.5 (O +135 / U -146) -?6 Wins, -$100.00: The Eagles had a rough year, starting even before the season started, with Owens' antics. Then, he played, and, well, the rest is pretty much public knowledge. The only question left for the Eagles is where Owens ends up and how he gets there.
  • Pittsburgh Steelers - 9.5 (O -126 / U +116) -?11 Wins, +$79.37: The Steelers had an up and down season, culminating in a late season run to make the playoffs. An injury to Roethlisberger mid-season brought him back to earth, and he finally lost to a team not named New England.
  • St. Louis Rams - 8.5 (O -136 / U +124) -?6 Wins, -$100.00: The Rams were much worse than expected, and it cost Martz his job, despite the fact that he was missing from 11 of 16 games. I guess if you missed work almost 70% of the time, you'd get fired too.
  • San Diego Chargers - 8 (O -154 / U +142) -?9 Wins, +$64.94: The Chargers were a dangerous team at times this season, but couldn't get it done against the teams they needed to, and missed the playoffs. Teams finally figured out L.T. (or his injury was worse than reported), and he was held without a touchdown down te stretch. Unusual for him.
  • San Francisco 49ers - 4.5 (O +118 / U -130) -?4 Wins, +$76.92: How can such a great franchise be this bad? What happened to the days of Joe Montana, Steve Young and Jerry Rice? They even chased the best thing that happened to them out of town: Steve Mariucci.
  • Seattle Seahawks - 8.5 (O -143 / U +130) -?13 Wins, +$69.93: The Seahawks had a great season, even if no one knew about it. Being the sole team in the Northwest, they didn't get a lot of coverage. Unless you were a fantasy player. Then you saw a lot about Alexander.
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers - 6.5 (O -199 / U +185) -?11 Wins, +$50.25: The Bucs were better than I thought they would be. Maybe that trade for Gruden wasn't so bad after all.
  • Tennessee Titans - 6.5 (O +113 / U -125) -?4 Wins, +$80.00: The Titans need some major help. The problem with bad teams like Tennessee is that they aren't bad enough to get the premiere draft picks. If you stay away from the quarterback position, then for the most part, the top 3 seem to be franchise type players (QBs are the exception. You need talent, but given roughly the same talent, it seems how you groom him has more to do with whether he's?a franchise player or not). After the top three, they are good players, but not someone you can build a team?around. Tennessee seems to fall just outside of the range of getting a?franchise-type?player, which is what they need to start moving back to the top of the standings.
  • Washington Redskins - 7.5 (O +125 / U -137) -?10 Wins, +$125.00: Joe Gibbs gets them back in the playoffs, and does it using an ancient quarterback. Not quite as ancient as Gibbs himself, but he's done in two years what Steve Spurrier couldn't get done is whole time at the helm of Washington. Do they have enough to make a deep run? I don't think so, and it'll be interesting to see what happens next season, since a lot of their success was on the back of an aging veteran.

Overall, I got 19 of 32 right. Not too bad. Total winnings: $266.05. That would be an 8.3% return in five months. Again, not too bad. Overall, it's been a fun year. I hope those who read for the techie details weren't too bored, and I'd be surprised if anyone is even reading this. But who knows. Maybe I should focus on sports full time!

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Top Ten Sources

posted on 01/06/06 at 12:38:09 am by Joel Ross

I recently listened to Dave Winer's podcast with John Palfrey, and they talked about Top Ten Sources, a site that Palfrey built.

It's mainly about blogs (it seems), and there are editors that determine who the top ten sources of information on a range of subjects. I count 20+ high level subjects, with a handful of subcategories under each subject. I checked out a few subjects, and, while I didn't agree with all of them, they were quite a few I did agree with, and it was a good source for new sites.

Overall, it looks pretty good so far.

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RossCode Picks - NFL WIldcard Playoffs Week

posted on 01/06/06 at 12:35:56 am by Joel Ross

With the playoffs here, writing these things gets easier. However, picking winners gets significantly harder. It's easy to pick the winner between a 12-3 team and a 3-12 team. It's much harder to pick the winner between a 12-4 team and an 11-5 team. But that's what I'm going to do.

One more note. I had a feeling Texas was going to win the Rose Bowl - actually, I've had that feeling since early December. I'm kicking myself for never posting anything about it. I guess I'm just shy about putting my picks out in public! Certain players take their team, put them on their back, and will them to win, but few do it quite the way Vince Yong did it. I was recording RCW?during the second half, and I took a break, just in time to see Young run it in. I rewound the DVR, only then finding out that it was a 4th and 5 situation. Absolutely a gutsy play.

One last college football note: Did Reggie Bush's ill-adviced lateral cost him any positioning in the NFL draft? It showed a lack of judgement in a crunch situation - you can teach someone how to make better decisions, but when under pressure, you usually drop back to your roots. Will that scare any NFL teams? My guess is no, but...

  • Pittsburgh (-3) vs. Cincinnati (46 O/U): The sole game where the away team (thus, the worse regular season) is the favorite. The season series is 1-1, with each team getting the win on the opposition field. The difference here is that Pittsburgh went into Cincinnati at a time when both teams were hot, and won. Cincy, on the other hand, beat a Pittsburgh team that was already floundering. Since then, Pittsburgh has gotten hot again, mainly because they went back to what works: hard nosed grinding football. The Bengals better be ready for a Bus ride, or it's going to be a long afternoon.
  • Jacksonville* vs. New England (-8.5) (37 O/U): New England is the team that everyone fears right now, and?Rightfully so. They are the defending champs, and are entitled to that respect. They came on slow, but then they got Tedy Bruschi back, and have been playing much better ever since. Jacksonville has a better record, but plays away due to New England winning the division (and Jacksonville having the misfortune to be in the same division as the Colts), but that won't matter this weekend.
  • Washington vs. Tampa Bay (-2.5) (37 O/U): The NFC looks to have closer match ups this weekend. Both games are expected to be close (spread for both is less than a field goal). Tampa Bay looks like they are back in the form they showed when they went to the Super Bowl. Chris Simms is playing very well, not to mention the play of Offensive Rookie of the Year Cadillac Williams. He's pretty good too.
  • Carolina vs. New York Giants (-2.5) (43.5 O/U): I'm completely lost here. I think the Giants will win, mainly because of the play we've seen this season from Tiki Barber. I know the talk has been about the great play of Eli Manning (aided, in my opinion by the addition of Plaxico Burress, who is doing much more than just catch passes), but it's been the defenses having to focus on Barber that's given Manning the room to develop. Carolina has a great defense, so this one will probably come down to the Giants defense against the Panthers offense.

So there you have the wildcard weekend. I'm looking forward to the games. We'll review results next week.

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RossCode Weekly #031

posted on 01/05/06 at 10:38:07 am by Joel Ross

RossCode Weekly #031 - 01.04.2006

Intro - 0:00
Download this episode -?38:22 /?18.4 MB
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Previously on RCW - 1:14
Big screen to small screen in 10 days?(#030)
Sony settles rootkit class action suit?(#025)
Nielsen expects for PVR ratings Jan. 4th?(#030)
A fourth NTP patent rejected?(#022)
Treo 700w arrives?(#020)
Yahoo adds vidcasts to podcast service?(#022)

News & Views - 6:40
Intel Inside no more: Leap Ahead
Typo Squatters gaming Google Adsense
Google turns 7
More Google / AOL details works
Reuters allows bloggers to use?video feeds
Spam list sued for being too stringent
Viacom splits in two

The Cold Wars - 12:21
ABC News to be be webcast
Disney adds more content to iTunes
NBC promises to add content to iTunes
XM adds voice control
Music industry facing probes of price fixing
Technorati adds new features
Yahoo launches Open Shortcuts
AOL expands LinkToPC beta
Opera chooses Google as search partner
Dell bundling Firefox with new computers

The Grapevine -?20:10
AT&T to buy EchoStar?
Microsoft tried to buy Yahoo for $80,000,000,000
RIM pushing for Flight Mode addition to mobile devices

Odds & Ends?- 23:56
Google's 2005 Zeitgeist
TiVo practical joke
Guess Vista's launch date, and you get to go to the launch!
Yahoo to launch tech reality show online

Bonehead of the Week - 27:35
Victims mistakenly told prisoners were released
UK Police can't get computers to share info until 2010!
Using text messages to sell drugs
Steal a phone and lead the cops to you

Next Time - 30:34
CES starts Thursday!
DirecTV to announce partnership to mobilize content
Starz to offer portable movie download service
Motorola's iRadio
Google PC? Google OS?
No Google PC
Skype and Panasonic team up
Scientific Atlantic to offer Direct-To-DVD set top box
Quick Hits?
Microsoft Media Center to support regular and HD programming on DirecTV

Contact / Feedback - 36:54
weekly @
(206) 424-4RCW (4729)

Production Notes
Background music provided by Chronos (Introvert 4) and the Podsafe Music Network.
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RossCode Picks - NFL Week XVII Review

posted on 01/02/06 at 11:23:32 pm by Joel Ross

Since there's no Monday Night game this week, it's a good opportunity to get a headstart on my week!

  • Denver* 23, San Diego 7 (-10.5) (44 O/U) [P: ($10.00), S: $10.00, O/U: ($10.00), T: ($10.00)]: San Diego, despite this loss, is probably the best team to not make the playoffs - and a lot of AFC teams are relieved.
  • New York Giants 30 (-9), Oakland 21 (43.5 O/U) [P: $2.60, S: $0.00, O/U: $8.77, T: $11.37]: Every team that needed to win their game this weekend (and controlled their own destiny) did. The Giants are a huge surprise to win the NFC East. I don't think many saw the emergence of Eli Manning coming this season. Now, how will his inexperience affect his playoff performance?
  • Arizona 13, Indianapolis 17 (-6.5) (43.5 O/U) [P: $3.69, S: ($10.00), O/U: $9.17, T: $2.86]: The Colts end with the best record in the NHL - not really surprising, but was in question going into the weekend.
  • Baltimore 16 (-3), Cleveland 20 (37 O/U) [P: ($10.00), S: ($10.00), O/U: $9.35, T: ($10.65)]: Like I said before - did anyone watch this one?
  • Buffalo 26 (-1), New York Jets 30 (37 O/U) [P: ($10.00), S: ($10.00), O/U: ($10.00), T: ($30.00)]: Another game that I'm sure nobody but the diehard fans watched.
  • Carolina 44 (-4), Atlanta 11 (42 O/U) [P: $5.24, S: $10.00, O/U: ($10.00), T: $5.24]: Carolina needed a win - and absolutely dismantled the Falcons.
  • Chicago 10, Minnesota 34 (-4) (35.5 O/U) [P: ($10.00), S: ($10.00), O/U: ($10.00), T: ($30.00)]: Minnesota gets the win, but it was too little, too late for Mike Tice. It's not a huge shock that he's gone, but I think he hoped the way he finished would be enough to save his job.
  • Cincinnati 3, Kansas City 37 (-7) (46 O/U) [P: $3.37, S: $10.00, O/U: $9.52, T: $22.89]: The Chiefs get a win in a meaningless game, and then Vermiel announces his retirement - this time for good. That's two openings so far.
  • Detroit* 21, Pittsburgh 35 (-13.5) (35.5 O/U) [P: $1.00, S: ($10.00), O/U: $8.70, T: ($0.30)]: The Lions have opening number three - but they did that way back during the season. They had a horrific season, and it was all but a formality that the Steelers would get the W they needed to get into the playoffs.
  • Miami 28, New England 26 (-5) (36.5 O/U) [P: ($10.00), S: ($10.00), O/U: $9.52, T: ($10.48)]: Miami had a great finish to the season - they even finished above .500 for the first time in a while. No playoffs, but much, much better than anyone expected.
  • New Orleans 13, Tampa Bay 27 (-13.5) (37.5 O/U) [P: $0.91, S: $10.00, O/U: ($10.00), T: $0.91]: New Orleans provides coaching slot number four as Jim Haslett got the axe - as if it was his fault that there was so much turmoil around the team.
  • Houston 17 (-2), San Francisco 20 (37.5 O/U) [P: $10.90, S: $10.00, O/U: $10.10, T: $31.00]: Coaching slot five - Capers is out at Houston - again, no surprise. This was billed as the Reggie Bowl early on - as it turns out, it was. But by the 49ers getting the win, they end with the number seven pick in the draft - not what you'd expect, huh?
  • Tennessee 13, Jacksonville 40 (-3.5) (38 O/U) [P: $5.95, S: $10.00, O/U: ($10.00), T: $5.95]: Jacksonville cruises in, and Leftwich sat on the bench for this one. Now, what do you do next week if he struggles early?
  • Seattle 17, Green Bay 23 (-4.5) (40 O/U) [P: ($10.00), S: ($10.00), O/U: $0.00, T: ($20.00)]: Coach slot six (so far) - Sherman is gone. Favre gets one last win in front of the home crowd, albeit against a Seattle team more focused on next week than this week. It would be a fitting end for Favre - a win against his coach when he won his rings.
  • Washington 31 (-7), Philadelphia 20 (37 O/U) [P: $3.29, S: $10.00, O/U: $9.52, T: $22.81]: The Redskins needed a win and got it.
  • St. Louis* 20, Dallas 10 (-12.5) (43.5 O/U) [P: ($10.00), S: $10.00, O/U: $9.90, T: $9.90]: This could have been a must win for Dallas, but after the action earlier in the day, this was just another meaningless game. Oh well. The NFL regular season goes out with a whimper.

Results Summary

  • Picks (this week): 9 - 7 (56.25%) - Winnings: ($33.06): Not a great way to finish up, huh?
  • Picks (season): 161 - 95 (62.89%) - Winnings: ($147.91): I was on my way to positives, but then I took a dramatic turn for the worse. I guess it's a good thing I don't use real money huh?
  • Spread (this week): 8 - 7 (53.33%) - Winnings: $10.00: Not too bad. Not too good, either.
  • Spread (season): 122 - 124 (49.59%) - Winnings: ($20.00): Very close to even. I'd take that after how I started the season.
  • Over/Under (this week): 9 - 6 (60.00%) - Winnings: $24.56: I have no idea how I could do this good on the over/under. It's just one of those things, I guess.
  • Over/Under (season): 132 - 117 (53.01%) - Winnings: $87.47: At the beginning of the season, if you told me I would pick O/U's at a rate better than 50%, I'd think you were nuts.? This is pure luck!
  • Total Weekly Winnings: $1.50: I can get a couple of packs of gum now!
  • Total Overall Winnings: ($80.43): That's a loss of 1.05% for the year. I would have put down a grand total of $7680 so far, and come back with just under $7600. If you spent 17 weeks in Vegas, could you say the same thing?

I'll continue my picks for the playoffs - but those will obviously be much shorter - only four games per week, then two, then, finally, one. I'll make my first round picks later this week, but before that, look for my review of my preseason picks.

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Ever Wanted To Produce A Sports Show?

posted on 12/30/05 at 12:05:11 am by Joel Ross

Well, if you've ever thought about it, here's your shot! Jason Salas is letting everyone in on his next show - and letting us decide what he'll talk about.

He's using Writely to track his "show notes" and he'll allow you to edit those, and everyone can fill out his show for him. Then, you can watch the stream when he does the show (or, if you're in Guam, you can watch it on TV).

This is a pretty cool idea. I'll have to think about a topic or?two?that I'd like to see him talk about, and get them up there!

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Standard Feed Icons

posted on 12/29/05 at 07:40:29 pm by Joel Ross

As I mentioned in my podcast, Microsoft has standardized on the Firefox icon for feeds. I wondered at the time if the icon would be available to use on our sites, and now it looks like you can.

Not that I really have the time right now, but soon, you'll probably see a change to my feed links to incorporate the new icons. I wonder if they'll have an alternate icon for feeds that include enclosures, like podcasts. Right now, this site has two distinct feeds - my main feed, and a podcasting feed that includes enclosures for RossCode Weekly. I'm also thinking about a separate page for different syndication options - subscribing to individual categories, comments, automatic addition to online services like Newsgator, Bloglines, etc. I'll probably even throw up an email subscription.

Anyway, one rant about the site. It's about an?icon for feeds to syndicate site content, but they don't have a feed. They have an email newsletter, but no feed!

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